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Main » 2011 » May » 5 » The Big Blowup
1:23 PM
The Big Blowup

Please read this before proceeding:

An erupting volcano is one of the most awesome displays of nature's fury, belching forth hot lava and poisonous smoke that can reduce the surrounding landscape to grey ash. The destruction it brings overwhelms everything in its path, and it's easy to understand how ancient civilizations could have regarded volcanoes as signs of the anger of the gods. Even today volcanoes seem to be sending us a not so subtle message about our place in the grand scheme of things.

You are standing within view of an erupting volcano. Which of the following best describes your thoughts at watching the spectacle?

1. "Maybe this is nature's way of warning us to stop destroying the earth."
2. "I guess the pressure just got too high inside there."
3. " Wow - what a sight! I'm impressed!"
4. "It's in the nature of these things to blow up. Big deal."

Done? Then click the button for the interpretations.

Category: Kokology | Views: 12359 | Added by: Chel | Tags: Big Blowup, Kokology, Games | Rating: 5.0/1
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