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Main » 2011 » May » 5 » Look Out Below
2:51 PM
Look Out Below

Please read this before proceeding:

Keeping plants offers us the chance to give without any promise of reciprocation, gratitude, or reward. It's true that they ask for little - just some water and sunlight - but in a material sense they give even less in return. Nonetheless, houseplants enjoy a popularity that seems out of proportion to any decorative function they might perform. Perhaps we keep them because they fill a very human need: the need to be needed.

A potted plant you've been trying to keep on your balcony falls over the ledge it was sitting on. You run outside to survey the damage. What do you see?

1. The plant landed on the ground upright and intact
2. The pot broke, but the plant seems to have survived the fall
3. The pot and plant are both smashed beyond recovery
4. For some strange reason, there is no sign of either plant or pot

Done? Then click the button for the interpretations.

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