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Yay! I love My Neighbor Totoro. At first I was hesitating to watch it, I thought "what's good about an old anime film? It is even targeted for small kids. Sigh." But I kept seeing recommendations in the web that it is a must see movie. So, I watched it with great expectations coming from those recommendations and good words around the internet. But yay! I am happy I listened and followed their advice. My Neighbor Totoro is now one of my favorite movie! (^_^)

The movie follows the story of Kusakabe family mainly Satsuki and Mei when they newly moved in an old house in the rural part of Japan in order to get closer to their sick mother in a nearby town hospital. In the old house, Satsuki the older one and Mei who is around 4 ... Read more »
Category: Movies | Views: 3420 | Added by: Wow | Date: 2011-December-21 | Comments (0)

As I am a very big fan of the webtoon Noblesse, I accidentally encountered that there is a webtoon that was made into a movie. I researched for more and decided to try to watch it.

I really can't understand anything about the movie at first, but as the story progressed, I understand the story bit by bit until I know what's going on. LOL.

The movie for me is just ok. I'm not that impressed nor that disappointed. I learned also that the ending in the webtoon is different in the movie, so I am planning to read the webtoon also.

RYU Mok-hyeong, a member of a small prayer house located in a remote mountain village, is well-respected for his leadership and gift of speech. In order to build a new prayer house Mok- hyeong leaves the mountains to build ... Read more »

Category: Movies | Views: 4896 | Added by: Chel | Date: 2011-May-11 | Comments (0)


Next on my lists is the 2010 blockbuster Thai movie of the year “Hello Stranger”. After watching A Crazy Little Thing Called Love (ACLTCL), I want more Thai movies! That’s why, I searched for more in the internet and learned that ACLTCL only comes 2nd in Thailand last 2010. The number one movie for that year goes to Hello Stranger.

How come ACLTCL is only No. 2? I think one of the main reasons is the popularity of Korean dramas in Thailand. Hello Stranger is a romantic comedy film which was shot in Korea and features some of the places that became tourist spots because of Korea’s TV Dramas (e.g Jewel in the Palace, Coffee Prince, Stairway to Heaven, etc.).

The story is about a young woman (newcomer "Noonaa" Neungtida Sophon ... Read more »

Category: Movies | Views: 5373 | Added by: Chel | Date: 2011-May-04 | Comments (0)

I’m a Filipino. So proud to be one! Here’s the list of my top 10 WORLD-CLASS Filipino movies. (In random orders) BEST MOVIES ever!

1. Anak (The Child) (2000)

Josie (Vilma Santos)works as a domestic helper in Hong Kong who is forced to leave her family behind and let her husband do her part as a mother to their three children. Her employer doesn't allow her to take vacations and locks her inside the house whenever the family leaves the house. Thus,it was already late when she learned that her husband died. When she returned to the Manila after ten years, she was greeted with her children's resentment. A rebel daughter in her eldest daughter Carla ... Read more »
Category: Movies | Views: 26635 | Added by: Krisha | Date: 2011-May-02 | Comments (0)

I’m a movie fanatic person but a choosy one. I only watch movies which makes “sense”. I mean, something that makes you think, encourage or inspire. If you’re also looking that kind of movie, well you are in the right path (hahah..XD). It is a highly recommended bollywood movie. Believe me, you will definitely be ADDICTED on this movie. Let me rephrase it, you will surely, LOVE this movie. NO DOUBT!


3 Idiots is a 2009 Indian movie starring Aamir Khan, a very popular icon in India ( and a very good looking man!! Oh yeah), R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Kareena Kapoor, Omi Vaidya, Parikshit Sahni and Boman Irani. Actually, when I first heard the TITLE, my reaction was O__O, it’s just that I felt very awkward. (Idiot? A very offensive term for me). But when you watch it, you will absolutely repeat the same movie again and again. It is as if you are watching an all-in one ... Read more »

Category: Movies | Views: 22598 | Added by: Krisha | Date: 2011-May-01 | Comments (2)

I LOVE movies! That I can say with a big smiling face. I love watching movies that I watched anything that interests me. Anything! So at least about two months ago, I was introduced in my first taste of a Thai movie which later on led me to watch two other Thai films. I want to share these films to YOU who want to watch something new and something Asian in your lists. Let's start with this movie entitled A Crazy Little Thing Called Love.


It was our final exams and instead of reviewing, I was there in my bed – all eyes on my laptop (hehehe). I was really planning on reviewing but it was just an accident that I opened the files I copied from my classmate and one of those was a folder with a name "A LITTLE THING”. I’m such a curious cat, so I opened it and BOOM!!!! I didn’t regret opening it! LOL

Category: Movies | Views: 4098 | Added by: Chel | Date: 2011-May-01 | Comments (0)

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