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Main » 2011 » May » 16 » She's Dating The Gangster
10:53 AM
She's Dating The Gangster



is smiling when you hear that person's voice...

love is the
butterflies in your tummy no matter how many times you see that

love is when you look at them and smile for no

is seeing an imperfect person perfectly...

is painful..

love is hard...

love is sacrifice..


I live without the happiness? Can I live with that sadness? I don't
know...I don't know anything anymore”

remembered that once I fell in love with a Gangster. I don't know
how and when it happened. But I do remember saying that

have fallen for this one of a kind stupid gangster. Oh wait, let me
that. I
this stupid gangster.. I gave him happiness while he gave me
in return. I know, It sucks. But I never regretted loving him in the
first place, well… maybe I did."

also remembered loving everything about him ncluding his flaws..
Friends told me that we met in a very spontaneous way.. And then
everything happened so fast..

But... Who's this gangster?? I
know two gangsters but..

one am I dating

What Can I say?
She's Dating The Gangster is the first ever internet novel I've ever read. And I must say it's AWESOME! The first time I read it, I don't want to put it down. Imagine, I finished it in just one sitting!

The characters are well described, I can't help but think they really exist in this world. I can feel their pain, their happiness, their loneliness, their anger, their emotions while reading. Truly recommended.  ^_^

P.S. I love Barney and Friends! Hahaha! Read it, so you know what I'm talking about. :)

About The Author:
I totally salute and thank the author Ms. Bianca (SGwannabe) for creating such amazing novel. Find out more of her works thru the following: Bianca Bernardino (SGwannabe)'s FBpage,Tumblr, and Twitter

Start Reading:
 She's Dating The Gangster

Category: Fan Fictions | Views: 4656 | Added by: Wow | Tags: She's Dating The Gangster, fanfiction | Rating: 3.5/6
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Total comments: 15
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15 annetowk  
naiiyak ako every time i read this.. hindi nakakasawang basahin! sleep ghost

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14 shazkie17  
woooooww i can't help my self stop hurting while reading. I trully feel the pain :(

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13 marve villa  
huhuhu...i love the story...nakaka touch talaga...i want more.. cry3 cry3

0 Spam
12 marve villa  
:'( :'( :'(

0 Spam
11 rachelle dandoy  
want to have a hard copy or maybe a the story that made me cry for a night... cant help it...

0 Spam
10 rachelle dandoy  
aigoo want to have a copy!!!

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9 jehhane  
grabeh,,ang tindi
ang hirap mkamove on..
aish!!!!sad bqt kelangan ganun mging ending..

pero ang gling mo ate bianx idol haaha

hanggang naiiyak p din ako,, :'(
halo halo emotion ko!! love :(

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8 queennie caquilgan  
i really really like it!!! pnaiyak kmi ng kwentong 2 pati mga klsmte koh!!! na adik d2!! :'( admire love

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7 Sheena Maribbay  
admire ahhhhhhhhhhh! i soooooooooo love this!

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5 Lisza  
aww.. i did'nt have enough sleep sleep becasue of this. but it's really worth reading.

0 Spam
6 Wow  
try reading Welcome to the Underworld and Conversations Between Us . admire They are one of my favorites too

0 Spam
2 jan  
helo! i like this story so much i read it when my classmatye bluetooth it my celllphone..its ao very touching specially the last part...congratz to the author!! uhm

0 Spam
4 Wow  
i agree! admire

0 Spam
1 moi  
i so love it..i just found this net novel this month and i was so really touches me..awesome..:) love

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3 Wow  
yes! I really love this fanfic... and thank you for visiting our site :)

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