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Main » 2011 » December » 21 » Fists and Lipsticks
10:50 AM
Fists and Lipsticks

How do you begin narrating the story of your life?

For me, I would do it like this.

I would take a deep breath and let myself be carried away by the tides of my subconscious. I would close my eyes and let my mind reel ever-so-carefully so that this string of thought would not break. Ah, such sweet reminiscence, coming back to my senses bit by bit. I shiver from the chilly thought and so, I warmly embrace my soul.

I would clench my fist just a little when it stings, bite my pink lips as I let out a subtle chuckle when those moments of bliss flash on my mind like scenes from a movie, and then perhaps shed a tear or two as the curtain falls... as the trail of thoughts come to an end.

They say that life is a circle. It has no beginning. It has no end. But all circles have a center and that is where I would start.

How do you begin narrating the story of your life? For me, I would do it like this. I would start from the core, from the basics, from the clich

I would start from that time when I wore high school uniforms, strapless shoes, and racing gears...

From that time when bullies and popular school boys slept and smoked on campus rooftops...

From that time when I once drove bikes that could run at the speed of a jet...

From that time when he first held me in his arms... and how I could not let go of the warmth...

How everything would progress to that moment

that moment when the wind suddenly changed its course, taking me along with it.

And so, I would now hand this pen to the writer, who would tell the first part of this story in my behalf.

I have yet to warn you of my frailty. ~ Y . A .



Yay! I read this fan fiction while I was reviewing for my CPA Board Exam. During those time I was staying in a dormitory and decided not to have a T.V. and laptop in order to concentrate more for my coming Exam. What I only have is my cellphone. In my cellphone, I saved this fan fiction to read If ever I burn out reading those bulk and bulks of accounting books.

The result of saving this fanfiction during my review days? Lol! I just did not review for a day and instead I was very busy enjoying reading Fists and Lipsticks. Reading this is like watching a Japanes movie or drama and even an anime. Wohooooo!

The author really gave some internalizing how the events in the book will turn out.

Totally Recommended!


The Author:

Author: HiroLovesMeia (Soompi) or hiro0911 (Fictionpress)
Themes: motorcycle racing, high school life, gangs, use of tobacco, politics
Genre: Action / Mystery / Romance

Visit Fists and Lipsticks Website
Say your thanks to him ----> Hiro's Blog



Fists and Lipsticks

Category: Fan Fictions | Views: 2406 | Added by: Wow | Tags: fanfiction | Rating: 5.0/1
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