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Main » 2011 » December » 12 » Usagi Drop
3:33 PM
Usagi Drop

Warning! This post my contain some spoilers. So read at your own risk. You've been warned!

I just finished reading this manga Usagi Drop. Honestly I've been hearing this manga before and people says it's good but I don't know what's in me on those times and only now that I have the interest to read it. Luckily, I did!

But one thing for sure, it's the first chapter that caught my attention and encourages me to go on. I was intrigued about the child Rin and also want to further know what will Daikichi going to do raising and taking a child considering he's a single salaryman and no experience of raising a child. This kind of plot kind of reminded me about one of my favorite manga, Yotsuba!. ^_^ (Yotsuba is just so cutttttteeeeee!)

Well going back to Usagi Drop, I must say I truly enjoyed the first half of the manga when Rin was still a child. I admired Daikichi for having the courage to take up Rin under his wings considering he is clueless about that sort of things. What make me like this manga is how Daikichi made the effort to learn about child rearing from her mother, cousin, and other people and throughout the process he learned and realized a lot of things, including me as a reader. It's fun to read Daikichi struggling about Rin's clothes, education, bed wetting, etc. and this things somehow reflect the lives of some people in reality.

But I was shocked when Rin suddenly became a teenager! Whoa, from last volume she's only 6 years old then the next volume she became a 15 years old turning 16 years old teen. From there on, I lost interest little by little as the story progresses. How I wish, the mangaka focuses on Rin's childhood, but I'm not the mangaka soooooo.... Ok maybe, I'm still on denial about where will be the direction of the story. Ok, now Rin is a teen, I told myself "maybe the mangaka do have good reason about the time leap". So I continue reading. As I said, I was shocked about Rin growing up a teenager suddenly, but I was more shocked when about one of the chapter Rin was thinking of something that I didn't see coming. Read here BUT taking that as a hint, I now know the reason for the sudden time leap and where will the story is heading. It goes on and on. AND. I really don't like the ending. Period. :(

Usagi Drop is a manga that looks like a light hearted one, but as I looked deeper it contains more than that. All in all, Usagi Drop is a manga worth reading if you have the time. For me, I'm a person just sensitive with that kind of issues. Surely a lot of things like that is happening in our society. I know it reflects reality.
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