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Main » 2011 » December » 25 » Kaseifu no Mita (Mita the Housekeeper)
1:42 PM
Kaseifu no Mita (Mita the Housekeeper)

TV Show: I'm Mita, Your Housekeeper (International English title)
Romaji: Kaseifu no Mita
Japanese: 家政婦のミタ
Director: Ryuichi Inomata, Toya Sato, Jun Ishio, Ken Higurashi
Writer: Yukawa Kazuhiko
Producer: Yoshiki Tanaka, Futoshi Ohira
Network: NTV
Episodes: 11
Release Date: October 12 - December 21, 2011
Runtime: Wednesdays 22:00-22:54
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan


In the drama, Matsushima plays a mysterious housekeeper named Mita Akari, whose age is a secret and who is completely unsociable. However, she is perfect in her housework, and through her work she resolves hidden issues among the family members of the homes she is dispatched to. Despite her clients’ eventual wishes to keep her as a permanent housekeeper, she always moves on to the next job, where a fresh set of domestic problems await.


I just finished watching Kaseifu no Mita. Marathoned the 11 episodes for two days during my Christmas holidays! (^_^) As the year 2011 ends, I considered Kaseifu no Mita the best drama for the year.

The story is about a family whose mother just recently died. The house is a total mess so the father decided to hire a housekeeper. Nanako Matsuhima plays as the housekeeper. She is a very good housekeeper but a very weird one, almost like a robot. Another weird about her is that she will do anything her masters will tell her, like for example killing people. The story progresses as to the mystery of the death of the family's mother, the ups and downs of the family and the real reason why Mita acts like a robot.

Btw, do you know the Hana Yori Dango or Boys Before Flowers of the Japan? I really don't know who Nanako Matsuhima is, but if you watched the whole Hana Yori Dango series, then let me tell you that she's the one who played the role of the sister of Tsukasa Domyoji.

And, Kaseifu no Mita got really high ratings in Japan. So, I totally recommend this series!
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1 nina   [Entry]
You should watch "Yamato Nadeshiko" (no yamato nadeshiko shichi henge), it's like the one of the best Nanako Matsushima's drama :)

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