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Main » 2012 » February » 11 » The Moon That Embraces The Sun - Random Novel Translations
7:34 PM
The Moon That Embraces The Sun - Random Novel Translations



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Ok.... For convenience, I decided to compile here all random novel translations of the book.... :) Chapter 1 to 6 are here.

From Koala's Playground:
Chapter 13 and 14

From @redpinkboxes/jaejoongstolemyheart@soompi:

After Episode 8 when Hwon opens his eyes and will see Wol

Woon and Wol Conversations

Hwon and Wol

Some Chapter 15 Scenes

Chapter 16 Scenes [Part1]
Chapter 16 Scenes [Part2]

From ying ying@soompi:

Hwon Realized that Wol is Yeon Woo
Yeon Woo and Wol Alone. Yeom and Yeon Woo's Grave

From Bubilicious@soompi:

Chapter 21
Chapter 47: The Ending

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Category: TV Drama | Views: 26145 | Added by: Wow | Tags: Novel translation, The Moon That Embraces The Sun | Rating: 4.0/7
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Total comments: 17
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16 MELAI   [Entry]
admire love im so in love to this k-drama super!!! awsome..i love it more episode please...

15 MELAI   [Entry]
love love love love love

14 jonalyn   [Entry]
wow movie i love thisjavascri

13 ivee   [Entry]
the boys are sooo handsome. what does the korean boys eat?

12 erika   [Entry]
IMPRESIVE !!! admire

11 otiiiii   [Entry]
i like it,,,
do u want to translite with indonesian lenguage?????,,,,[b][size=15]
[color=green] admire

10 Kailie   [Entry]
adorable & hilarious emoticon cats. luv it! fan fan2

9 hibzz   [Entry]
Thank you sooooooooo much for adding chapter 21!!!
Since its near the end of the drama, can you find more translated chapters plz?
Your work is much appreciated, keep it up :) :) :)

8 Kailie   [Entry]
Thanks for for this wonderful site. I appreciate all the great translators who
are doing this! cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer

7 ivy   [Entry]
thank you so much , I m in love with this drama . Really can't wait until the next ep

4 hibzz   [Entry]
thank you so much
and i do hope they translate more
am currently watching the drama and its tooooooo hard
waiting for the next episode, the days go so slow am about to go crazy loool

6 Wow   [Entry]
Hahaha... We are the same... I'm going crazy about the 2 episodes per week... But thinking that we only have 6 episodes left,I don't want it to end just yet! I want more!

3 ZJ   [Entry]
You are just awesome. TQ for doing this. I love reading the novel. Can you please do the same for Sungyungkwan Scandal? I heard that the novel is great too.

5 Wow   [Entry]
If you want the Sungkyunkwan Scandal English Translation, I found a blog that compiles the chapters from Chapter 1 until the last chapter of the First Novel..... Here is the link ---> Lives of Sungkyunkwan Confucian Scholars

1 hibzz   [Entry]
thank you so much, this is so awesome!!!
can u get more please, only the first six chapters are available, its so cool u got this
plz get more tho, chp 17 and up seems really interesting.

2 Wow   [Entry]
you are welcome! Let's just hope the goodhearted translators will translate more.... leap

Continuation of Chapter 16 is updated!

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