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Main » 2011 » December » 2 » Sims 3 - Amy
10:51 AM
Sims 3 - Amy
Okay, first of all, I want to say I love playing Sims 3. But now, I enjoyed making Sims then take a picture and edit them than playing the game itself.... :) I became like this when I discovered the Pose Player from ModTheSims. Then after that, I randomly search the internet to download poses and found some really great poses. You can try mysims3blog, they update there every poses around the sims community.

So I made a sim name Amy. It's Amy because I'm planning to make sims name from A to Z. LOL! Here is Amy now and some random poses and edited pictures. I'm not really good at editing pictures yet, but I'm learning.

Presenting Amy ^_^

Cute Poses... (I don't know why the two at the sides are darker. My guess is the angle of lightnings I made during photoshoot. So, next time I need to learn how to angle the lights and camera.

5 in 1 photo

Look up my header. Yes! I edited this picture again to become my website header. It's so hard for me making this cause if I rate my Adobe photoshop knowledge from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, my rating will be 3. -_- But I learned a lot from the tutorials from the internet. So, now it increase already. hehehe

Amy's Poses


I got more pictures that I took but I'm too lazy too edit them now... hehe..

Before I forget, I would like to thank all of the custom contents I'd use for Amy. Sorry if I can't name all of you because the truth is, I don't know whose custom content I use for Amy. Because what I do is I download custom contents from all over the internet and that's it. I only realize now that I should give some credits to them but the bad news is I really really don't know whose custom contents these are. SORRY! But i give my sincere thanks to those custom content creators... I hope you will not be angry with me.

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