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YeonWoo and Hwon alone. Yeom and YeonWoo's grave.

YeonWoo silently wept. A mere hunch that she is YeonWoo has made him waste a lot of time. He does not care to know anything else; he can only stare into her sorrowful eyes.

"YeonWoo ah”

YeonWoo stepped back a step and avoided his line of sight.

"Your majesty, have you misunderstood something? Who is YeonWoo?”

Even though she couldn’t deny Hwon’s words… Even though she shut her own eyes, she could not hide from the sound of depression.

"Could you be this harsh as to want to watch my heart be ripped apart?”

With much difficulty, Hwon leaned towards her. The more she retreated,
the harder he tried to lean closer to her to the point where she could
no longer avoid him.

"My eyes can see very clearly. The person in front of me is that person, it is YeonWoo.”

"You’ve seen wrong.”

"Don’t speak! Even if you look older, YeonWoon is YeonWoo!”

A pained Hwon clutched his chest as he watched YeonWoo’s tears drop. He knows that her heart has a lot of sadness and so even if he knows that is all lies.

"I only want to say this. Don’t let my heart hurt again. Even if you are not YeonWoo, please accept this name.”

She wants to hear it.

Even if she had to suffer till this day, it is only for the desire and longing to hear Hwon’s voice.

She is pained at how she could’ve betrayed her own desires in her heart

When they stood together, time stopped. They nervously held their breaths.

They looked into each other’s eyes. In Hwon’s eyes, he no longer saw a shaman but her wearing a snow white dress.

Hwon embraced the person in front of him, no matter it be YeonWoo or Wol.


Hwon embraces YeonWoo and cried intensely. His mind couldn’t form complete words.

"… Clearly there’s loads of things I want to say but I don’t know what to say.”

Hwon couldn’t speak and so YeonWoo could only speak for him.

"What would you like to say?”

"When I was a crown prince, I didn’t have a proper opportunity to meet with you. All that I could think of at that time was that if we could meet one day, what we could talk about. However, now I’ve forgotten all of those things to say… I couldn’t let you hear them personally.”

"My heart has already heard them.”

"So why haven’t you come to find me?”

"To me, the Royal palace was so far away from the Moon palace.”

"Why didn’t you tell me? I knew earlier… If I had known…”

"I was scared that everything was only a dream. If I’d woken up, then there would be nothing…”

Hwon stared at YeonWoo in his arms, full of tears that struck his heart.

"I know nothing. Nothing…Did you ever despise me?”

"(formal) This lowly woman’s heart was filled with yearning, how could it possible have room left for such hate?”

"But my heart is too big, I put a lot of yearning/desire and released too much resentment/hate.”

"Why hate?”

"I hate this world, for it did not crumble because of your departure. I hate that you left this world, I still lived on. Now, because you can’t express your words, I hate. Because you don’t blame me, I hate myself.”

"Please don’t continue to hate. To me, nothing is more important than you forgetting this hate and to be happy.”

"How can one not hate? You should have the all the best in front of you.”

Hwon placed his hands on YeonWoo’s face and carefully wiped away her tears.

"You are here, this good girl, and yet I did not see this.”

"As long as you can see my beauty… As long as you like me just a little, that will be enough.”

Hwon’s lips brought reassurance as it gently pressed against YeonWoo’s. Their deep long breaths exchanged, melting away all the pain and suffering from their hearts. YeonWoo began to show her weak side as she suppressed her body weight to support Hwon, afraid to let him fall. However, Hwon held YeonWoo tightly by the waist, not willing to let go of her lips.

"Your majesty, Are you ok?”

Woon, whom was guarding the door, suddenly heard silence from within, asked worriedly. At first, Hwon wanted to ignore him but became afraid Woon would rush into the room to disturb them.


Hwon’s angry voice left YeonWoo ggg어의를들이시어어환을살피시옵소서

"Your majesty, Please return to the palace.”

"Annoying! I still have many things to say. Can we not stay for a while longer?”

"Your majesty, now is not the right time.”

Hwon’s health was seemingly improved because of YeonWoo.

"Are you ok? Is it because you replace me(as amulet to take in the bad aura)…”

"(formal) I am ok.”

Hwon called outside.

"Everyone enter!”

The people outside waited a while. Woon entered first and looked at Wol beside Hwon. From the haze, she awoke.

"Check my health.”

After checking Hwon’s pulse, it seem as though Hwon’s sickness had improved and because of this sudden change, he couldn’t help but look towards YeonWoo.”

"As Shaman Jang’s daughter, can you really not have powers? Then how come I haven’t had medicine and yet I have healed so much?”

At the same time, in front of YeonWoo’s grave, Yeom brought them men to help dig up the grave. Someone jumped out to stop them.

"Why must you do this? Our poor miss would be frightened.”

"Get out of my way!”

Yeom’s expression was just as pained as everyone elses.

"At least tell us why we are doing this. Then we will not stop you.”

Yeom waved a hand and the servants dragged the people away. He held a shovel and walked towards the grave.

"If we were to allow our master to do such a thing, why shouldn’t we servants not do it also. If there must be a punishment, allow us to be punished instead.”

The servants took the shovel from him, took a deep breath before staring at the grave which Yeom would usually never have the heart to touch, and began to dig. As it was the winter, the soil has hardened and so it was very difficult to dig. A stunned Yeom could only stand aside thinking about his pained sister crying, as he watched them dig the

"I see the coffin! Now what?”

"Open the coffin lid!”

"Ah? Are you sure? Should we quietly continue?”

"Open it! Or do you want me to open it personally?”

The head servant felt as though the responsibility was very hard but compared to the master, it was nothing. He held back his hesitant heart and continued to open the coffin to find that there were no nails on it.

"How could this be! We definitely used nails…”

It was not until they lifted the like that they found the coffin that it was empty. A shaken Yeom, stumbled and sad at a side.

"What is this? Where is little miss? You have to believe us, we assure you that we cared for the burial site and made sue that nobody could harm it. Unless… it was that day?”

The head servant looked at the shaken Yeom and worried that he would faint at any time.

"How could this be?! Who would touch her corpse!! NO, She is alive!”

A frightened yeom, covered his own mouth.

"Then, Where could you be now?”

"Where? If YeonWoo isn’t here then…”

Without hesitating, he changed towards the palace. To the only place that Woon, YangMyung and Hwon could see, the (name of part of

"What had actually happened in the past? What is happening now!”

Back in (name of part of the)palace, Hwon felt his heart ache once more. As soon as YeonWoo saw Hwon’s complexion change for the worse, she noticed that the ceiling had also strangely changed. Hwon was quick to notice YeonWoo’s line of sight and looked at the same section of the ceiling.

cr: yingying of soompi

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