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Hwon realized that Wol is Yeon Woo

Later, Yeom, MinHwa and had dinner together. Yeom started to test his mother’s knowledge of YeonWoo’s death. He also called upon his previous house servants and made the final decision to reopen YeonWoo’s coffin.

As the investigation results of YeonWoo’s funeral reached Hwon, he endured the pain from his body to personally analyse its contents. The following
"Rain(YeonWoo)”titled contents seemed to have made Hwon sure of something.

Hwon changed his clothes and then from the red box, he took out a bronze medal?

"Carry me outside.”

"Your majesty, your body has not fully recovered yet. Where do you intend to go?”

"Then carry me!”

Wol, whom is listening in to Hwon, felt as though she heard a sense of promise in his voice.

Hwon was carried in front of Wol, or who we could also call YeonWoo’s precense. She stared at Hwon’s fragile complexion and felt worried.

"Wol, Long time no see”

"Your health has improved”

"… Come to my side”

As YeonWoo neared him, Hwon reached his arms out to hug her. He allowed his body to lean against hers and slowly sat down.

If there were two people carrying his majesty, they would be visibly tired, but Wol managed. As Wol carried him, he left Woon and his other guards to enter the room.

"Strange, this body looks like it wants to be with you alone ah”

"Are you sure that is ok?”

Even though Hwon’s complexion was pale, he smiled in YeonWoo’s arms.

"Do you know why I am here?”

"No I don’t.”

"Do you see that over there?”

"Hwon pointed towards the Royal Throne”

"Not that, but the screen at the back.”

The object in the painting, clearly symbolises the sun and the moon. Hwon lightly hugged YeonWoo from behind.

"The red sun and the white moon represents the Emperor and the Empress. This is the painting I had ordered people to paint when I was still the crown prince, for the woman I loved.”

YeonWoo started to stiffen with fear in Hwon’s arms, but her expression slowly changed. Towards the confused YeonWoo, Hwon continued to whisper in her ears.

"Have you seen something like this before?”

YeonWoo was so scared that her leg slipped and fell with Hwon to the ground.

"Do you know… I want to give that to the woman I love, a real person who can embrace my heart.”

"Your majesty, what do you mean? I am but a lowly shaman. I do not understand.”

YeonWoo avoided Hwon’s line of sight yet couldn’t help but cry.

There is a reference towards the relic of徐敬德.. ( the blogger couldn’t find the original poem but the overall moral is on the lines of "even though a million things have left, they will return and there is a reference of their very first meeting.”- blogger)

Hwon thought back to the first time they met. This was the method that YeonWoo used to explain who she was.

"If you have forgotten me, then you would not have reappeared and so please don’t leave me, YeonWoo.”

cr: yingying of soompi

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