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Hwon and Wol

Hwon was investigating Yeonwoo’s death by looking at the Daily Records of the Royal Secretariat, but he failed to find out anything from it.

"Return the Daily Records of the Royal Secretariat.”

HS looked at Hwon’s bleak expression, so he asked worriedly:”Nothing at all?”

"Yes, nothing at all. Nothing!”

"So what do you plan to do now?”

Hwon laid his head down on his book desk and said:”Why hasn’t Wol returned? Didn’t I tell her to stay at the rest room?”

"But, your majesty…”

"Quickly bring her back! I can’t breathe already!”

The discomfort on Hwon’s face made HS worried. Getting Wol from the Shaman hall will take a long time.

During the wait, Hwon did not move one bit. Even until Wol came, and greet him, he did not move. Woon too, was looking down during that whole time. He did not even look up to see Wol. When Wol was finding her position to sit down, Hwon angrily opened his mouth.

"Where are you sitting? Is that where I asked you to sit?”

Wol looked up to HS. HS looked at her, and using his eyes, he told her to move to Hwon’s side immediately.

As Wol came closer to sit, Hwon sorrowfully started to say:”Are my words not words? Did I not tell you to stay at the rest room?”

"Do you have any hardships?”

Hwon did not say anything, but buried his head onto her thighs and grabbed Wol’s hands, which were stiff because she was shocked. The officials and palace maids turned they heads away. Woon turned his body away as well. The Hwon that was enduring his grief said:”To the you, that is alive, I can’t even do anything… So to the dead, what can I do?”

Hwon moved his hands to Wol’s red ribbon on her hair, and with the red ribbon locked in his eyes, he lightly kissed the red ribbon, and murmured: "I can’t even untie this red ribbon. Yours, and…. When I want to remove the hairpin that ties up your hair, I don’t want to think of others… I am unable to do anything… Still, I am the king.”

"You have not said anything wrongly.”

"Yes right… To you, wol, I’m also nothing but a King.”

The Hwon he was hiding his sorrow on Wol’s thighs suddenly stands up and then sits down properly…

"The moonlight looks good, let’s go out for a walk.”

Everyone knew that the king was just finding an excuse, because the moon outside looked dull. But comparing to the depressed atmosphere in the room, everyone felt that it was better to go out for a walk.

Wol too, stood up, but it didn’t seem as if she was planning to follow Hwon on his walk. Hwon smiled as he said: "Wol, you have to go too. What if I bump into evil spirits while walking?”

As HS did not know what Hwon was thinking, he felt uneasy again, however, without even thinking, he gave the expression to Wol, telling her to follow Hwon immediately.


At first, Wol was walking slowly behind the palace maids. Hwon looked as if nothing had happened and walked in front. After a while, Hwon made Wol walk by his side. They just silently walked. Hwon did not even care when he saw that Wol was shivering due to the cold. Woon was walking behind them, and because he was worried about Wol’s body, he quickly glanced at Wol’s back. Once more, Hwon stopped his footsteps and looked up to the stars in the sky. He composedly held Wol’s hands, and turned around saying: "All of you are following too closely, move back.”

Even though they were surprised, they did not move one step, and remained at their position.

"Uh Ho. I told you guys to move further away!”

HS was feeling really worried, however, he cannot disobey the king, just because he does not know the king’s thoughts. Other than Woon, everyone else moved two to three steps back. Hwon looked at Woon and said: "Woon, move back as well.”

Without having a choice, Woon quietly moved back two steps. Hwon used his hand to signal for him to move back even more. When Hwon was finally satisfied with the distance, he wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her tightly. He then used his hand to lift her chin and laughed. Wol quietly said: "What are you doing now?”

"You guess what am I trying to do? As a Shaman, you should be able to guess it right?”

Wol was silent, so Hwon smiled and then whispered:”Seeing that you are unable to guess, I guess you are not a shaman. If you try to bluff me one more time, you shall be asked of your crime.”

Hwon wanted to seal his lips onto hers… The Wol who knew Hwon’s thoughts wanted to turn her head to avoid it, however, Hwon put his hand to firmly hold her chin. Surprisingly, he did not kiss her, but just remained at a position near her lips, as if he wanted to kiss but did not. He then turns his eyes to the retainers.

They were all looking down. At that moment, he quickly plants a kiss on her gentle lips. Hwon then pulls Wol and they take off running. As Wol was still in a daze and felt as if the person beside her was not the real Lee Hwon. Hwon ran as he said: "This is an order. You are not to say anything. Just pretend you did not see anything.”

wol hwon

Woon understand Hwon’s heart, so he did not raise his head, letting the two of them escape.. The retainers then finally realized what has happened and started their pursuit, however Hwon was far in front of them already.

But Woon could only carry the sad expression on his face, staying in his original position. He waits till everyone has taken off to chase Hwon before he joins in the chase.

Hwon puts Wol onto his shoulders, and started laughing out loud. Hwon knew better than anyone else that he couldn’t possibly escape to outside the palace, but if he could not even act as if he was trying to escape, he would go crazy. As they travelled between the palaces, he could hear the footsteps of the pursuers getting closer to him. He started moving at a faster pace. Then, Hwon suddenly pulls Wol down to hide in the shadow of one of the palaces. Hwon was panting heavily, but upon his red face comes a bright smile.

"You need not worry, I have always been playing hide and seek since young, and I’ve never been found.”

"Where are we going?”

In the darkness, Hwon could not see Wol’s expression properly, but Hwon could sense the happiness within Wol, and rather than being like a shaman to him, she looked more like a young woman in love. Even though he wanted to look carefully at her face, but because of the darkness in the night, he was unable to see her properly, so Hwon used his hands in place of his eyes, and lightly stroked her face.

"I too, do not know where we are going. But as long as you are by my side…. Even if this can only last for a short while, I just want to be with you, alone.”

"But… your majesty…”

Wol was unable to say anything anymore, because Hwon’s lips have firmly sealed her lips.


hwon wol

kiss wol hwon

Because he was still breathless after running just now, Hwon’s tongue seemed as if it was also affected, and it boldly reaches towards Wol’s who tightly sealed hers, as she was still too startled. As such, Hwon puts his hand on Wol’s chin, and opened a way for himself, sliding his tongue in to feel every part of her mouth. As he uses his tongue to warm up her mouth, his own tongue started to heat up as well. Slowly, Wol was could not feel the cold coming from the ground anymore. The warm temperature from their deep kiss made them both feel as if they are on fire. Their breathing turns heavy, and their hearts were racing. The retainers pass by the buildings, in which they were hiding beneath, however, they did not realize Hwon and Wol, and continues to search in the vicinity. It did not even cross their mind that the King would be hiding under the hall. Even in this situation, Hwon did not let Wol’s lips part from his. Wol did not move, because, more than Hwon, Wol was scared that Hwon’s lips would leave hers.

The footsteps of the guards looking in the vicinity slowly faded away, and as Hwon hear the guards gradually moving further away, he finally withdraws his lips from hers. He whispered: "Wol, are you good at running?”


"We have to run again. If you are unable to run, this time, I’ll carry you. Do you rather escaping with me by holding my hands, or with me carrying you? Which one do you want?”

Wol held Hwon’s hands, and then relied on the darkness in the night to say:”I want to run with you.”

"Actually, wherever we run to, we will not be able to leave this vast palace grounds. In this big palace, is there a place for us to hide? But… erm..”

Wol looks at the frustration on Hwon’s face.

"Erm…. Wol, I can’t seem to remember the security code for use within the palace for today. Because I was too busy and was in a rush, I am not sure if I wrote today’s code or yesterday’s code. This is big trouble… Let’s run with all our might. If we are caught by a guard that does not know my face, we might just be punished and die on the spot.”

After hearing what Hwon said, Wol was shocked. She then held his arms back.

"No, we can’t. We have to go back as soon as possible.”

"Let’s run!! I won’t go back, the only thing that can save me, is for us to run as fast as we can.”

Hwon pulled Wol’s hands and began to run. Wol did not know where Hwon wanted to bring her to, but even if its hell, she was willing to follow behind him.

Running like this, is just something temporary for the both of them, and so if they get caught, they can only return to their original positions, as the King and a Shaman. But even though he knew it was just temporary, Hwon still felt the happiness coming from within him.

After crossing the wall, from a far, they see a pond with a little pavilion in the middle of it. However, as there are too many imperial guards there, they were unable to go to the pond. Hwon and Wol stay back, waiting for a moment when the guards were not looking, for them to dash over. When the moment came, Hwon pulled Wol together with him through the bridge, and they both went into the pavilion. Through this entire period, Hwon was holding on to Wol’s hand tightly, never letting it go.

As they walked, Hwon took off his outer robe and lightly drapes it over Wol. Because it was the royal robe, Wol did not dare to wear it. She wanted to take it off immediately, but Hwon held her hands tightly, resisting her from doing anything.

"I hate seeing you cold. So, you wear it.”

"Because the weather is cold, the more, your majesty, you have to wear it. In actual fact, I should actually take off my outer coat to cover you.

"Uh Ho. You are such a bold woman. You even dare to take out your clothes in front of me?!”

"No, that’s not what I mean.”

"There are no place maids or officials here. It is only the two of us. So, there is no King and Shaman here. It is just a young man and woman here. Also, the robe I’m giving you is not a King’s royal robe now, and it is just a robe that contains the warmth a young man wants to give to a woman. Do you want to reject my sincerity to you?”


There were only two persons. Hwon smiled as he opened the door to the enclosed pavilion, and he sees Woon standing on the other side of the bridge.

"Do you know where this place is?”

Wol just stood still at the door, and did not go in.

"I do not know.”

"This is ChwiRoJeong(翠露亭). My father used to come to this place with my mother. They were always surrounded by officials and palace maids all day, and therefore they always wished they could have a time and place where they could just be alone together. The reason why I brought you here today is because I want you to accompany me to look at the moonlight.”

The moonlight shines on his face, his body, and also reflected on his smile.

"Actually this area of the palace has some tigers. If you continue to stand down there, the tigers will come out and ask you, why are you standing there? Come here quickly.”


"Yes. Don’t tell me you have never heard of rumors that the palace infested with tigers?”

A smile of disbelief surfaced on Wol’s face. Seeing her smile, Hwon felt relaxed, and happy.

He continues to tell her about the tigers in the palace.

"How can there be tigers here? I cannot believe it.”

"I am really not lying.”

Wol still hesitated to come nearer to Hwon, so Hwon said: "Are you not one bit sad that we will waste this precious time of ours together? We will have to leave here sooner or later... Maybe even now. They will be here soon. The time we have together is really short.”

Hwon’s words were like magic. Wol slowly moved closer to him. Hwon lowered his head so Wol was unable to see his eyes. Only until Wol was right next to him, then she was able to see how sad he looked. She lifted her hands and gently puts in on his face to comfort him. Hot tears were falling down Hwon’s cheeks.


Hwon pulled Wol to sit down next to him, and he could hear the cries from within her. He could not help but to pull her into his embrace. Even as the King, he was unable to stop her tears from falling.

"Wol, tell me. What is your name? Who are your parents? Who are the ones that cause you so much pain? Tell me, I can help you.”

"My name is Wol, and I am only a shaman.”

Even if it was only the two of them, she was unable to get the words "Yeonwoo”, out of her mouth. She could only answer like that.

"I am Heo Yeonwoo. I do not know if you’ve forgotten my name, but I am Heo Yeon Woo. I am that Yeonwoo that send you letters through my brother. How can I forget those writings… And our break up, did you forget? Yeonwoo remembers it.”(I’m not too sure about this translation, forgive me for the errors.)

Hwon holds Wol tightly by her waist. He could hear and see her sorrow and pain, but was helpless. He had a lot of things to ask her, but he was afraid that Wol would not be able to answer him, so he held it in.

The gentle wind blew pass the tress, rustling the branches.

"If you stop crying, I will tell you a story about the wind.”

"Can you hear the cries of the wind?”

"Come into my embrace, and you will hear what I can hear.”

Hwon gently pulls Wol down onto his lap, as he tries to help her wipe away her tears.

"Even though I am only able to wipe away your tears now, what I want to do is to wipe away the tears in your heart.”

Just as what Hwon wanted, a soft smile finally surfaced on Wol’s face. However in Wol’s heart, she feels guilty because she is lying to Hwon.

She knew that in her life now, she should not have this kind of desires, but she could not resist her gazes at Hwon. The two of them starts to walk over the bridge and heads back. Looking at the pale moonlight, Hwon’s heart was yearning Wol and therefore, he recites a poem.

"Thinking about each other and seeing each other are things I can have in dreams.

When I came to see you happily, you happily came to see me.

Wishing, in that distant other night’s dream….

At the same time, let us together arrive and meet in the middle of the road.”

This was the same poem that Yeonwoo wrote to Hwon when they were young. And at this very moment, Hwon remembers it again.

Wol looks at him in shock, but only sees a wry smile upon Hwon’s face.

"This was the poem I loved when I was still a crown prince. Till today, I always think of it. I just thought that this poem was describing our relationship. When I wake up, you’re asleep, when I’m asleep, you’re awake. Even if I long to see you even in my dreams, it can only just be a wishful thinking.”

"Do you still think of Yeonwoo?”

To cover up the pain that she was trying to hide, she tried to show joy in her eyes, and then went up to embrace him.

Hwon was happy because Wol finally got close to him on her own will. From that moment, he puts Yeonwoo away in an important corner of his heart, and puts Wol there as well. Wol suddenly recites a poem to him.

"The moon is climbing up above the sea. Although we are far away from each other, we share the same time.”

As Hwon hears the poem, his body stiffens up. This was the first poem he wrote to Yeonwoo.

"I finally realize, even though we’ve never met, and that they are now a world apart, that girl is now the one that is closest to his heart.”

As Hwon tightly embraces Wol, he did not realize that Woon has already silently walked up to his side, and from over Hwon’s shoulders, he peered at Wol. But within seconds, he hides his eyes away.

"I actually wasted precious time of ours because of those stupid thoughts of mind. All this while, I was living between the living Wol, and the deceased Yeonwoo. But how can I actually compare the living and the deceased? Or is it that was just my own thinking that made me frustrated.”

Woon hears the footsteps of the officials and palace maids coming closer. Hwon’s escape for the night has come to an end.

Wol hurriedly pushed Hwon away, and stood in a presentable position. They appear before the retainers as the King and the shaman, with a respectable distance between them.

"Wol, let’s escape together again the next time. I want to bring you to a bigger lake, where we can row boats and look at flowers together. We can also look at the ducks in the lake.”

Wol smiled, as she remembers the pond young Hwon once mentioned to her.

The officials and guards arrive.

"Stop nagging. I only wanted to enjoy the joy of playing hide and seek.”

"His majesty, how can you just vanish like that? You must watch your health.”

"Let’s go back.”

Once they returned to Hwon’s quarters, Woon starts to express his worries.

"His majesty, how could you give your robe to a shaman to wear?”

"Don’t tell me as a King, when I bring her to a freezing place, I must see her shiver in the cold? She just listened to my order.”

"That was not what I meant.”

"Wol, tell me. I brought you to that place right?”

Wol did not reply, she just sat in a far corner. Depressed as he did not receive Wol’s reply, he moved to Wol’s side.

"Even though you’re pretty, but you are really annoying. You don’t listen at all.”

Hwon pulls Wol into his embrace. Woon sits at a corner, without anything left to say. He was unable to push the blame on Wol.

"His majesty, why did you have to go there? What if you were attacked by a tiger?”

"Wol, he said this too. So even though you did not see a tiger with your own eyes, but you should believe that tigers actually exists. I did not lie.”

Hwon smiled as he looked at Wol, feeling proud.

"But I believe that Woon will protect us. Woon, forget the rules, come over here.”

Woon comes over, and they begin to discuss about Woon’s investigation about the palace records.

Wol sits in Hwon’s embrace and silently listens. Even though she could not see Hwon’s face, but she was able to feel his sorrow over Yeonwoo.

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