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Chapter 21

A man is making a prayer while seated. He is alone, nobody else is around him. He wrote some unrecognizable characters on a piece of white paper using a blue ink, then proceeded by lighting up a candle and burned the paper before the ink could dry. At this very moment, Hwon felt a sharp pain in his chest and fell onto the floor. Startled, Bokyung shouted at the servants for help. When the servants came into the room, Hwon is already unconscious. His face was pale white and his lips turned purplish blue,
the servants quickly brought him back to his hall. Upon arriving at Hwon's hall, he was no longer unconscious. Seeing Hwon at this condition, Woon exclaimed, asking that what had caused the king to become like this. The servants answered with a trembling voice, saying that the king just fell sick suddenly during the consummation.  

The 3 professors arrive shortly, desperately asking the king of his current condition. Hwon said that he is alright, he thought that he was going to die just now, and this time he is really not pretending to be sick. The doctor checked the king's pulse. While everyone else in the room noticed that something is different about Woon expression, they're not sure what that expression means, but Hwon knows --- Woon is nervous.

Then, a professor beside Hwon spoke: "When the bell (the one that rings every time when Hwon is going to sleep) rung, there was a murderous aura that came from nowhere....."

The doctor that is attending to Hwon is surprised. Hwon questioned the professor about the murderous aura, but the professor himself have doubts regarding the aura and didn't answered Hwon's question truthfully. The geography professor joined in the conversation, saying that the murderous aura was obviously directed at Hwon, but it meant no fatality, only temporarily sickness to the person. Hwon questioned again, asking who is the person that casted the spell, and what is the motive behind it. Nobody could answer him. Hwon then demanded an investigation to this case.

The 3 professors then paid a visit to Wol at her house. One of the professor asked Wol that is there anything that feels not right at her (because shamans are very sensitive to all types of auras especially murderous ones) but Wol said she feels nothing, and asked what is happening. The professors told her that there is nothing to be worried about and they left quietly.

Suddenly, one of the professor stopped walking, he seems to realize something unnatural with the shaman they just talked to just now. He told the other two professor that Wol, as a talisman for the king, how is she not able to detect that the king's body is sick? And she doesn't even know what has happened to the king just now! The professors are doubting that whether she is a real shaman or not. One of the professors proofed that Wol is indeed a real shaman, because during the month when Wol was sent to the king's bedroom to act as a talisman, the king's health restored almost completely. (phew...)

Back in the king's bedroom, the people around the king is reluctant to leave his side yet. Hwon asked them to go back to their own place, unless they want to sleep in his bedroom. Hwon suddenly called out Woon's name amidst of the awkward silence. "Looks like the moonlight still shines upon my lone shadow. Because the shadow that has blocked out the moonlight has been dispersed, I can see the moonlight again," Hwon said.

Woon didn't spoke, he didn't know what he could say, he only hoped that at this very moment Hwon and meet with Wol again. No, maybe it's because he himself wanted to see Wol once more too, because today is the last day Wol will be in the palace and he don't want to lose Wol. He wanted tell Hwon about the truth at the hidden moon hall, but there is too many ears around them now.

With this, Woon recited a poem. (This is a classical Chinese poem, hopefully my translation is not too bad)

The sun rises from the East, the moon rises from the West;

Their light shines brightly, brightening the dark skies;
The chilling wind blows into my room through the windows, the night is spent together with a cold pillow*;
The weather have changed so much, causing me unable to sleep well at night;

I want to speak but after I speak there's no one there to respond, the
only thing I could to is to pick up the cup and drink for another round;
All the meaningless days that I went through, I wanted to do something but I couldn't;
I'm missing you everyday, grieving everyday, but seems like there is no end to this.

*In the ancient times the pillows are made of wood, unlike cotton/wool pillows we have today, they hardly get warm. With the cold wind blowing at night, the pillow is even harder to get warmed up

Hwon is surprised, he looked at Woon with his eyes widely opened. Woon didn't say a word, yet he hoped that Hwon understand what he feels in his heart right now. Hwon gave Woon a warm look, and bumped him jokingly with his arm, saying that he had wished for a friend that could understand what he really feels inside his heart ever since he was young, now it looks like he have found one at last because the poem Woon recited just now exactly matches Hwon's feelings at this time. Woon is also looking out to the moon through the window in the king's bedroom.

Woon tried to correct Hwon (because what he meant is that he misses Wol, but apparently both of their feelings are the same), but before he could speak, Hwon started coughing again, thankfully it is just the phlegm in his throat. When the coughing resided, Hwon requested for his tea so that he could sleep better. After drinking the tea, Hwon goes to bed and falls asleep a moment later. Woon and Wol entered the chamber after the servant told them that the king is asleep. Wol sat quietly beside Hwon just like how she used to be.

Woon looked at Wol from the side for the last time.

cr: Bubilicious@soompi

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